SACRED FOOL is a reminder to stay eagerly open to the winds and tides of life without resistance. this thriving multi-million dollar home decor brand holds the core belief that human beings are unconditionally required to follow our hearts, and that humiliation is one of the keys to destiny. to be a fool for life and show no remorse for what it costs you is the entire corporate vibe here.

these deeply held principles are what authorized the butts on shower curtains designs. and so much more is coming! JOAN OF ARC, the sun, additonal poems, hand-dyed hoodies, angels, worms, and woven blankets, to say the least.

in 2023, SACRED FOOL will utilize print-on-demand partners to create durable, colorful, intentional home goods and apparel. we also have a limited edition wizardwear spring collection featuring our screen-printing, garment-dying allies at RADISH TAFFY in reno, NV.

as SACRED FOOL sprouts from the void into a sustainable business capable of wider choices, we can joyously expand into high quality textiles, small batch handmade ephemera, block printing on upcycled materials from home in upstate NY, forming alliances with ecologically-preoccupied brands, and getting our hands dirtier and dirtier, and closer and closer, to our highest values and hottest aesthetic yet.

super inspired and eager as can be, this clown company is directed and maintained by one person. original music overheard in SACRED FOOL ads on social media was composed by this other person. they are married to one other and live in the helderberg hills of upstate NY.

and for more practical concerns:


shipping policy

our custom goods are sourced and printed-on-demand by partners based in the US and on occasion, europe. it can take some time for these blessed items to reach your doorstep depending on where you are based, too. our partners automatically email shipping updates to the address you provide at check out.

we believe your SACRED FOOL goods are worth the wait and hope they light up your home and your headspace! while SACRED FOOL partners with various print-on-demand vendors like GOOTEN, PRINTFUL, and PRODIGI, estimated fulfillment, shipping and delivery timelines will vary by provider and by product.

periodically, delays out of our jurisdiction may impact when you can wrap your arms around your order. rarely, an item becomes back-ordered. we keep tabs on all orders and will communicate changes.

do contact us any time if you have an issue. we'll be right here:


great question. all sales are final at this time, however - damaged or defective items are eligible for reprint up to 14 days after your order is delivered. take careful pictures of the problem area, as well as a photo of the entire piece that arrived damaged, and email me at there is no need to return the item when you qualify for a free reprint.

unforeseen issues?

reach out!